Tickets On Sale NOW!!


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KOTD – King Of The Dot Entertainment Presents
WORLD DOMINATION 4 – #WD4 “The Olympics of Battle Rap”

August 23rd & 24th @ The Opera House 6PM – 2AM
August 25th at Aria nightclub 8PM – 2AM
Toronto Ontario

Arsonal vs Disaster
Pat Stay vs Arcane
Hollohan vs Charlie Clips
Charron vs Shotgun Suge
Loe Pesci vs Daylyt
Rone vs Real Deal
100Bulletz vs JC
OSA vs Pass
Tycoon Tax vs Cortez
Bonnie Godiva vs Young Gattas
TheSaurus vs Loonie
J Pro vs Anygma
Deffinition vs PH
Tantrum vs Protege
Pigsty vs Gin-I
Uno Lavoz vs Purpose
Miracle vs Youthoracle

Tickets On Sale NOW!!


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