End of Summer Fest 2013 Recap

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

EOSF was a great event, check out thie write up and pics from our fam over at BTYF


Before End of Summer Fest (EOSF), San Bernardino had yet to truly know the capacity of the uncontainable combination of intuitive minds behind Eater of the Worlds, Choospa Camp, or Bricktoyaface.com. One day of endless celebration, raw commendable talent, and unapologetic artistic debauchery has set the creative camps at the top tier of their game.

It’s 4pm; Lesa J and Noa James of Bricktoyaface.com (BTYF) sit side by side in their room at the historic Wigwam Motel. Bong in hand and a joint in rotation, they laugh along with a room full of label mates, friends and family.

Outside, End of Summer Festival has consumed the entire property, relentlessly intoxicating the 200+ attendees with only good vibrations. The breeze is crisp, the weed is potent, and the stage speakers haloed underneath Cali palm trees are blaring anthems.

Booths from vendors such as Lion Envy, Kore Skate Shop, Vatican Clothing and…

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