BAMBU || MY POTNAS (featuring CUTSO) || produced by REY RESURRECCION

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“My Potnas” is the newest video from Bambu’s latest mixtape, Sun Of A Gun (Beatrock Music 2013).

“The intention of the video is to vitalize the conversation happening on race. A boy was murdered and his attacker/killer was set free with no consequence. Have your opinions, but that’s what happened.” – Bambu

Get the Sun Of A Gun mixtape at…

Bambu: @BambuDePistola (IG/Twitter)
Cutso: @Cutso (IG/Twitter)
Rey Resurreccion: @ReyResurreccion (IG/Twitter)
Beatrock Music: @BeatrockMusic (IG/Twitter)

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