60 EAST – Mood Muzik Mixtape (Review) By Backhand Ent.

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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60 EAST - Mood Muzik Mixtape (Review) By Backhand Ent.

Most of you know 60 EAST (formerly known as AMITS) as that guy with the PAID DUES tatted on his neckpiece like a straight savage. Or 1/3 of the First Dirt boys. Usually 60 is reserved & laid back. Don’t get it twisted because he will call cats out on their bs. Straight from the deepest parts of the IE, he has been pushing & grinding nonstop for the last few years. Toured the country & attended almost every indie hip hop event in SoCal. Prior to that, he was killing in the Battle Rap scene. He helped catapult the First Dirt brand to the next level. This very same reason is how FD was able to smash on the Paid Dues Stage 2013.
Aside from all the various projects that dropped & are stewing up within the FD crew, 60 is coming w/ a hard hitting mixtape entitled MOOD MUZIK. He breaks down the misleading current state of Hip Hop & the struggles of the independent hustle. His delivery is polished & the Joe Budden selection of production compliments his style. There were no features on this project. It would’ve been nice to have a verse from Timothy Rhyme & Rymeezee on there. My personal favorites are If I Die Tomorrow & Who Killed It. This will be appreciated by all hip hop enthusiasts alike. BARS! BARS! BARS! Don’t sleep on 60 East. Look out for anything First Dirt is doing IE Stand Up!

To see the official Review go here (http://backhand-ent.tumblr.com/post/67752017182/60-east-mood-muzik-mixtape-review-most-of-you)

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