60 East – Mood Muzik (Mixtape Review) Grimehead.com

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60 East - Mood Muzik (Mixtape Review) Grimehead.com

Courtesy of Grimehead.com (http://grimehead.com/)

60 East – Mood Muzik Volume One

is a versatile production with a good choice of creative beats. 60 East delivers confident punching lyrics on point and his subject matters are mature and original. This project gives an understanding of what 60 East represents, the realities that he faces and his heartfelt emotions in his daily-life and particularly towards the rap/hip-hop music industry.

The flow of the mixtape compilation is exceptional, each track illustrates the next chapter in the story of 60 East’s moods of hope, reflection and frustration. The calm but robust themes encourage the playing of the mixtape from beginning to end without the urge to scroll through or skip tracks. And some of my favourite lines from across the mixtape include:
“make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.”
“love is the only time I fall.”
“I’m gonna kidnap the game, hold it for ransom, but I don’t plan on giving it back.”

60 East Back 60 East has not shied away from the
role-call of key players in the rap/hip-hop industry and in his frustrated mood towards the industry he lets rip with
‘Who Killed It Pt.1’, a controversial track
(but also one of my favourites). You’ll definitely play this one on repeat!!

Mood Muzik is released December 10, 2013 and available at 60east.bandcamp.com
Get your personal copy and send us your comments.

follow 60 East on twitter @60eastFD

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