60 East – Mood Muzik (Mixtape Review) C/O The Danger Tapes (TheDangerTapes.com)

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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60 East - Mood Muzik (Mixtape Review) C/O The Danger Tapes (TheDangerTapes.com)

Courtesy of: http://www.TheDangerTapes.com

60 East’s “Mood Muzik mixtape” contains beats that bring attention to the lyrics that he spills over the 11 track album. His references to legends in hip hop, as well his personal narrative that describes his experiences as an emcee that’s starting to gather recognition from fans outside of his usual camp. 60’s vision to give Ontario, Ca more recognition outside of its shopping centers leave the artist focusing on the brotherhood that exists in the city. His concern for this can be heard in songs such as “Under the Sun” in which he talks about an formidable pair against the world. “Good Enough” shows the artist pushing for a break from the Hollywood facade. 60 keeps the spirit of hip hop alive by questioning why the essence of the genre has died by criticizing outlandish mainstream artists. He fires back at this by putting his focus in the one thing that matters in hip hop- the music.

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