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Checkout this article on Hip Hop Mogul AlexGoesHard CEO of

“CEO and Founder of, Alex Goes Hard is an entrepreneur and is on the rise creating thousands of dollars a day. Alex Goes Hard is apart of a team called Class Millionaires and is one of the executive partners with Viral Centro. In 2014 by the looks of Alex affiliations and partnerships, including his company Dope Booking. Alex’s net worth will be somewhere in the millions at age 22.

Alex Goes Hard has a very high repetition in the music industry traveling all over the world and booking celebrities for events, tours, concerts and more. Young Millionaire Anthony Brown says “Alex Goes Hard works smart, not hard and that’s why he’s becoming so successful, I enjoy being a friend and a partner with him. There are only 2 words to describe the two of us at our works, RICH GANG! And anybody can join, if they can keep up”.

Read full article here:

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