D.I.Y Music & Fashion 2014 Festival Compilation

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized


diyfestmixtapeThis is a compilation that consist of music from all the artist performing at D.I.Y Music & Fashion Festival this year on Aug 23rd at the Glass House in Pomona. DJ Kid Dxsko assisted in putting it together.

For tickets & more info: tinyurl.com/diyfest2014tickets

Track List:
1) Dirty Birdy – Shoot The Wings
2) Royal GAMBLING Club – Heavy Crown/Drop A Stack/Lebron James
3) U.E.D – Timezones
4) Uproar Nation – Tough Love
5) Matisse Marie – In My Mind
6) Fitz Taylor – Conversations ft. O.K.I.M
7) Hawdwerk – I Don’t Need Much ft. Cee Nario
8) Yung Miss – On the Low
9) Phantom Thrett – Keep The Lights On
10) Reverie – Palm Trees ft. Luckyiam
11) Seefor Yourself – Call The Firemarshal
12) VerBS – Rocketship
13) Avant-Garde – Call Me A Beast
14) Calligraphy – Coffee Shop
15) Trizz – Twisted Metal
16) StoneXSober – Due Time
17) ILLiE – Can’t Deal
18) Pterodactyl Jones – Shimmy Shimmy Ya



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