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Subscribe to my channel + leave your comments below. Thank you kindly… After almost dying, Timothy Rhyme is on the verge of making the comeback of the century. Statistically, he should be either in jail or dead. He dodged a 25 year sentence by the skin of his teeth (and a powerful attorney) and miraculously survived a near death experience. This video series tells the story. As a result of these lessons that life has thrown at Timothy Rhyme did with them what he does best; he turned them into songs. Leading up the the album, the story behind the music gives people a chance to understand the artist before they hear any of the songs. In this episode, Timothy Rhyme tells the story of how he almost died and heard a divine voice that left him with a direct message that has inspired, motivated, and guided him ever since. His ability to take an experience that extreme and turn it into something so positive is a true to testament to his approach to hip hop. He aims to share his experiences in a creative way in order to uplift those in similar slumps. People expect positive emcees to be corny but this is far from it. This is hard, gritty, deep, soulful, and brutally honest. But that’s just who Timothy Rhyme is.

Video Shot by: Tim Gadient
Video Edited by: Quinn Fernandez

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From the EP, “Pronto”. Available Now!

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Director Nick Walker
DP Jeff Bierman
Editor @fubughost

Vocals by Freddie Gibbs
Produced by Mikhail & Pops
Mixed & Mastered by Sidney “Speakerbomb” Miller
Creative Direction by Ben “Lambo” Lambert

℗ 2015 ESGN Records

You feel that Coachella FOMO yet? Are your pockets feeling empty from buying $5000 tickets? Love free music?
If you said yes to any of the above, you’re in luck. We have another #FreeFriday track for you from Overjoy and Lex Famous called “Like A Wave.” #OMGfeelz

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Dr. Dre is back!!

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Dizzy Wright


Produced by Darryl “Waynebeats” Overdiep

Video by Armen Soudjian

Raw Papers

Funk Volume

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Kosha Dillz raps in Spanish, Hebrew, and English in his theatrical video for the song Span-Hebrish. The song is produced by Shuko.

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MURS “No More Control”
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MURS “No More Control” taken from the 2015 album,
Have A Nice Life

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Produced by: Jesse Shatkin

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