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Posted: December 29, 2015 in Uncategorized


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“Broke Anthem” an idea and lifestyle movement to aid against hip hop that focuses on fame, fortune or status. It’s about freedom, education, culture and good will toward others in succession of your journey. It’s perfectly ok to just be you and find value in things that really matter to you as an individual.”

“Broke Anthem”, produced by Nay The Producer, polishes an exceptional tempo with an angelic arranged piano melody that was recorded in a secretly located underground studio in San Francisco. The video shot and directed by Wackoe Films at The Oviatt Library and at the USC Campus, shares a likeness to those whom struggle between paying bills, focusing on wants and all that shimmers verses a struggle, that haunts most of our youth and young adults, whom want to further their intellect in order to make a name for their selves by sacrificing the glitz and gold of the fast life. The single is a sure fire to kick start a miraculous new year with positivity from this shined out diamond in the rough.

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