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From the upcoming Martyrmen EP, Bay Area’s underground artists the Digital Martyrs delivers a fresh visual treatment of the second single from the EP in the form of an homage to Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs.” The Martyrs along with Outlaw Dynasty’s Mikial, usually gives their fans a rest from the top-40 rap soundscape in which they classic rhyme delivery and conscious content over soulful, boom-bap production. This song is a notification that they are coming with their ‘guns’ drawn at anyone who stands in their way.

‘Guns Up’ stays in the lane of the more contemporary, trap-like production with edgy and hard-hitting lyrics, in which the Martyrmen delivers their own explosive rendition of today’s rap music.

Directed by Nick Testa, Nick Testa Productions

San Francisco MC’s Pablo Fetti, Monk & Dregs One come together to form the group No World Order. This is the first release off the upcoming self titled EP featuring Fillmore representative DaVinci.

“Molotov” featuring DaVinci
produced by Monk
directed by Kolepa


on Haight St SF. Swag Addict Artist Performance at Club Milk in SF for the Sonic Universe Mini Festival
Performance’s by Swag Addict Artist Mariyet , J.Gui & J.R. Also featuring performance footage of Rymeezee ( First Dirt/ Backhand Ent) , Kool Guy w/ Eaze , & Digital Martyrs.

**Set For Release** - STAY IN YOUR LANE - by Rymeezee Prod. Digital Martyrs

Stay tuned for a new slapper by First Dirt SF’s very own Rymeezee. This song captures the feeling of all independent artists striving & pushing to live their dreams. See what the hype is about.

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“Slave Owner” – a song that correlates Willie Lynch theory to modern day wage ‘slavery’

Lyrics by: Archetype and Saifallah (Digital Martyrs), Rymeezee (First Dirt, Backhand Ent), and Jo Ill (Bigg Knutt Funk)

Prod. Off-Balance, Digital Martyrs

Scratches: DJ Rod Roc, Digital Martyrs




The West Bay’s own, Kool Guy & Cuzzin D Team Up to venture in one of the most deepest and strongest albums yet to come in 2013. A well collaborated project by two individual artists speaking on Life’s shortcomings and bringing the substance back into good music. The album features SHMOPLIFE’S own, PLANE JANE of MONSTERS INK, BARNONE of FAM BIZ, RYECOON & YUNG CLAP of BACKHAND ENT; w/ dope instrumentals from J Moe Pre and some of Northern Cali’s dopest up and coming producers. A definite must listen. Download this Free Album Now and journey with the modern day Blues Brothers. @theKOOLGUY @daRealCuzzinD



Rymeezee release new video featuring Yung Clap off his Gassanova Mixtape titled “Bout That Life”. Stay tuned and keep up with Rymeezee @rymeezee or on


Listen to this New song by First Dirt’s member from SF entitled “Bout That Life” by: Rymeezee feat. Yung Clap produced by: The Blacksmiths. This track is on Rymeezee’s Gassanova Mixtape (timepiece III). A definite west coast street banger. Video drops on Friday 6/28. stay tuned!!!

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