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Looks like The Final Adventure was not the final adventure.. C/O the latest by the dynamic duo MURS x 9th Wonder…


Produced by: Logic

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Unextended Single Version

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My brother Roqy Tyraid just dropped his first official album on SoulSpazm Records. Be sure to go support this man

5 Bonus remixes NOT on the ReBlessed album.

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Met this dude at #CVMIS, checked out his stuff and its dope, Give him a listen here…


Make sure to support the bro Phora! I posted his single a while back for those of you that checked it know what to expect. His album made it to top 5 on ITunes, Lets get him to #1.


My bro Curtiss King just released a FREE ALBUM titled “Raging Waters”. This is 1 guy I truly respect. His music, his grind and his delivery are all at the top of their game and as anticipated so is this album… – 60 East

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The official trailer for Curtiss King’s free album “Raging Waters” available 9.29.15

Directed by PoeticSky (

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The third installment of this mini series opens up the window into a life that wasn’t picture perfect or a road that wasn’t paved in gold. Not being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Timothy Rhyme sheds light on the world he was given and what it did to his outlook. After fighting through the drama and fighting the inner demons, Timothy Rhyme is showing the world what it looks like to make the Comeback of the Century.

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