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Riff Raff - What You Mean Remix

Riff Raff hops on Doe Boy’s track “What You Mean,” to drop a couple of bars. The remix is full of quotables such as,”Your whole wardrobe you bought it off the clearance rack/Stop talking to me unless you got a clean vagina/In 5th grade I used to have a Trapper Keeper binder.” Check out the full song below.

For those unfamiliar with Roqy Tyraid now is your chance to see what you have been missing! Not only is he a childhood friend of First Dirt artist 60 East,but he has come a long way from touring around the country, to being an official SXSW 2012 Performer, to Making’s Top 50 Underground Artist of 2012, alongside artist like Brother Ali, Danny Brown, Jon Connor, Soul Khan and many more, Roqy is definitely someone to keep your eye on. Known for his creative concepts and beyond lyrical content you want to go checkout his entire catalogue here or follow him on Twitter at @RoqyTyraid