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Envent Clothing (Streetwear Brand) C/O @jaimenvent

Originating in 2010, Envent Clothing has had 3 official releases each embodying the original aim of edge and simplicity. My designs and clothing are reflected upon my life, my passion for quality apparel, as well as the way I grew up, and the goal to succeed in this ever so growing business. We are stocked by select boutique retailers throughout the country, distributed internationally, and have received exposure from some of the most influential street-wear blogs online. Envent is a movement, A team of true individuals who share the same passion, and drive; those willing to make the sacrifices needed to rise to the top. We don’t settle for mediocrity when we know what we’re capable of. Keep pushing the envelope, and know you were put on this earth with the opportunity to do anything you set your mind to. Be thankful and take advantage. That’s the Envent life