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My fam KillCrey just dropped this gem…

KILLcRey- FLY (Official Video)

From the art project #failingFORWARD.

Video/Song shot, directed, edited, written and produced by KILLcRey

Additional footage by Eddie Rangel

Violin by Sarah Cranberry

Spoken word by Leti “Filthy Blessed” Munoz

Discover us….

So, this song took me over a year to release. I struggled with the idea of releasing a message having to do with such a serious topic. Also, as a man, I wondered if I had the right. I was moved to write this song when I realized that almost every woman I know has been sexually abused at some point in their lives. It made me very sad and wondered how many women carry the scars abuse. Ultimately, and after speaking to many women I truly respect, I decided I had to say something. In a time where most music released is geared towards the good times and sometimes the superficial, this song doesn’t really fit into the current arena. As an indie artists we’re often encouraged to release only things that will propel your popularity or money forward. Doing anything but that is scary. I think I’m OK with that. Watching my friends truly share their emotions on this video was amazing! Leti “Filthy Blessed” Munoz poured her heart out into her spoken word and Sarah Cranberry captured the vibe so ingeniously with her violin! They completed this song in a huge way. I thank them both. Thanks to Ric Scales, Sista Irie, Lady Bullet, (mr)Arash, Kahlee, Dave Allen, Jenn Johnson, Valley Viscous, Eddie Rangel and Miki Vale for their time, effort and friendship. I hope our efforts will encourage others to say and do something. Trust me, you know someone who has suffered from mental and physical abuse… you just might not know it.