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This shit is fucking hilarious. Hopsin has always been a fool and not scared to call people out on they bullshit, and well here he goes.

Dizzy Wright


Produced by MLB

“Made it out the gutter with a dollar and a dream hoe”… I fucks with it lol – 60East

Chris calls on Decatur’s own Jarren Benton for this new banger off his Medicated Consumption Mix-tape. Rivers and Benton brings it on this(prod. by DoB) Rabbitt Production’s track. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Freestyle Friday track Pills & Emotions also available on Chris Rivers soundcloud.

C/O the new video from the bro Demrick featuring Funk Volume’s own Dizzy Wright. Ever since we did an interview on B-Real TV together i’ve been running into this guy everywhere. He can rap his ass off, make sure to keep up with him.

Download Stoney Point:…

The second single from Demrick and DJ Hoppa’s collaborative project “Stoney Point” available on iTunes and at


DJ Hoppa

Dizzy Wright

Directed by Simon Dewhurst

Edited by Jesse Ray Diamond

New Dizzy..

Jarren Benton Slow Motion EP Vol. 1, January 27, 2015

Jarren Benton

Directed by Armen Soudjian




Funk Volume

If you haven’t heard or seen this.. here is the real reason Hopsin left the rap game… Read my thoughts after you watch the link.

So after announcing on all his social sites that he will be quitting the game almost 2 weeks ago Hopsin comes out of the closet.  In my opinion as a PR I think it was genius. I dont think Artist do this any more, and that is do something that gets everybody talking. I read all kinds of blogs and social media post about the subject and most importantly a lot of word of mouth conversations. WHat better way to get everybody talking about you then pulling a huge publicity stunt like this.  After getting everybody going crazy he comes and drops this video..HILARIOUS! Something people and Hip-Hop will forever remember. Shoutout to them dudes at Funk Volume..they go hard