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Make sure to support the bro Phora! I posted his single a while back for those of you that checked it know what to expect. His album made it to top 5 on ITunes, Lets get him to #1.

pterodactyl jones

We have been building with these guys for a while now, and are very proud to announce the release of their first group album on MURS 316 Label. Here is the link for the Pre-Sale! Do us, them, and yourselves a favor and go cop that!

Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer hip-hop trivia? Well then lay it down on the line and show everyone your smarts by competing against other contestants players for the top spot on the Hip Hop Trivia charts. The show is hosted by Murs and he’ll be your MC and get the party started by guiding Players into the world and history of Hip Hop. Just spin the turntable and let fate decide what category you need to answer. Categories of Hip Hop Trivia questions include: East, West, Mainstream, Old School and Underground.

Android coming soon, To download the app for Iphone and Ipad visit:


BEYONCE released her new album with features from Jay Z, Drake and Frank Ocean with no promotion, a few hours ago exclusively on ITUNES. Apparently she wanted to try and avoid bootleggers and online scammers. None the less BEYONCE can do it! I actually kinda like that she did something new, something the people were not expecting…keeps the fans and bootleggers on they toes.

Get the album here:

14KT - Crown (feat. Black Milk & MED)

14KT might be your favorite producer, but you just don’t know it yet. The Ypsilanti, Mich. native has been on the fringe of more (and well deserved) attention for years, something hip-hop heads the world over will tell you in a heartbeat. “Crown” is the first single off his upcoming album Nickel & Dimed and features underground champs Black Milk and MED.

The two veterans share the crisp instrumental with complementary flows and content, reflecting on the days when creating meant more than getting the next girl or flashy necklace. And it was actually Black Milk who inspired the track’s title, as 14KT had previously named it “Crystal Figurines.” But that changed immediately when he heard Black Milk’s almost dead-eyed authoritative line of “Look around everybody tryna blow and hold the crown.” It’s a poignant comment, especially at a time when buzz leads to flash-in-the-pan rappers coming for the throne.

That lyric also sets the tone for a neck-breaker of a track accentuated by a sharp boom-bap drum loop, wavering synthesizers, and fuzzy guitar lines. The “Crown,” in this case, sits firmly atop the head of 14KT, an apostle of J Dilla’s school of beats. It’s a banger, sure, but it’s also meticulously layered, composed, and textured much like the remainder of Nickel & Dimed.

The album is 14KT’s fourth full-length and finds him again combining his love for instrumentals and guest-featured cuts. The first half, Nickel, is purely beat-driven, aside from one track wherein 14KT himself delivers the rhymes. On Dimed, the focus shifts to his guests, who also include Blu, JMSN, and Kokane.

Nickel & Dimed drops Aug. 27 on Mello Music Group.




new jon connor freestyle

Jon Connor releases this freestyle over DMX’s “Where My Dawgs At” for his fans as a sample to go support his new album “Unconscious State” which is currently available on iTunes. Keep up with Jon Connor on Twitter @JonConnorMusic