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Respect to my guy MC Prototype, I actually got to hear a sneak peak of the album. Although I would have liked to be the guy rapping on this project I got to say the shit is dope. C/O the first single..

This is the first single off of their debut project “The Rebirth of Jook the First.”

Download here:…

Video shot by Original Knockoff.


Written by: Neil Cantu & Brian Oliva
Performed by: Jook the First & Rebellion
Produced and mixed by: MC Prototype (C&M Productions)
Mix & Mastered by: Sam Knaak (Earwitness Studios)

Guitar & Bass: Bradford Isaaq Tidwell
Drums: Arian Castillo
Percussion: Andrew Kushnir
Trumpet: Mark Endab

Video Stand-ins
Drums: Bronson Maijala
Bass: Sam Knaak
Percussion: MC Prototype