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Produced by OH! Mic Barz and Playboy Tre speaks about how it is to endure life’s trials and tribulations and yet come out on top in the end. “Survive” is heart felt track for those who has ever been through any hardships in life, and kept pushing to get through. Enjoy.

Michael J. Chrouk better known by his stage name “MicBarz” is a well known hip hop artist, song writer, and entertainer. After discovering his talents back in 1998, he then went on to perform at local showcases and events in Atlanta, which led to his accomplishments and nationwide recognition. In 2010, he released his first mix tape Got Lyrics!? which introduced his creativity and illustrious whit to the underground circuit. Following the success of Got Lyrics!? his Sophomore mix tape Got Lyrics!? 2 was released and hit the city by storm. With originality and versatility displayed in his music, the down south southernplayalistic emcee with a Cambodian twist is sure to stir up a lot of attention in the hip hop music industry.


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