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First Dirt artists Timothy Rhyme (LA) and Rymeezee (SF) have teamed up once again for this visual along w/ the First Dirt fam. Last yr, they successfully completed the FDCA State Tour covering grounds up & down the coast not to mention opening up the PAID DUES MUSIC FESTIVAL. Here’s a recap of last year’s journey & cameos by familiar faces. They hold nothing back and tell it like it is. So many artists feel the need to make claims of having things they don’t have or doing things they don’t do. Not these emcees. They’re letting the industry and the streets know to watch out. They are serious and are coming for what they rightfully deserve…your head. Brought to you by First Dirt x Heirbourne Collection.

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Directed x Produced by: Rymeezee
Cover Design: Timothy Rhyme
Promotion: First Dirt

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@Rymeezee – “Ms. Hype” | produced by: @DigitalMartyrs

Hope everybody is having a wonderful Holiday Season. First Dirt’s Rymeezee of SF and the mighty Martyrs have teamed up again for the Hype! This one is for the lovely classy hip-hop females, who rep that lifestyle and hustle. Listen closely to the dope switch ups in the music & ill delivery. Rymeezee’s patented flow and the Martyrs’ melodic production have always been a winning combination, and Team Digital Dirt reasserts themselves with this certified slap. Believe the Hype!



Checkout a day in the life of First Dirt Producer LEKSBEAT.

From sharing the stage with his First Dirt brethren at Paid Dues 2013 with some legendary artist like Mobb Deep, Talib Kweli, Tech N9ne, Black Hippy, Scarface, and Souls of Mischief just to name a few, Leksbeat, First Dirt Producer and DJ, gives you an inside look of his process of flipping a sample using his weapon of choice, the Akai MPC 2500. For this instrumental, he took a classic Christmas sample, Santa baby by Eartha Kitt, and made a jolly Christmas song into a raw hip hop track.

First Dirt Producer LEKSBEAT (@leksbeat916) Beat Video Dropping Soon!

First Dirt Producer Leksbeat will be releasing a video showing him at work! Be on the lookout for this dope video dropping very soon!


Todays #TBT was submitted courtesy of First Dirt producer Leksbeat.

Dr.Dre and Snoop revolutionized the music industry and are some of the founding fathers of the West Coast. It wasn’t for these guys a lot of your favorite artist would have never got to see the light. Still going strong and making boatloads of money you can expect these guys to continue making hits for years to come.

Rest in peace to Nate Dogg!!

It’s been a while since a new hip-hop artist has made his way in the music industry the old-fashioned / grass roots way by paying his dues with seedy small venue / club gigs and self-promotion. This is one rising hip hop star that hasn’t bought his way into the game, been born into a famous family, won a reality TV show, or emerged from a teen cable TV sitcom. He did it the way you are supposed to. He booked and played gigs any and everywhere he could while continuing to self-promote and build a fan base as well as good business relationships. He goes by the name Timothy Rhyme. Born to a schizophrenic mother and an unknown father, Timothy Rhyme has had to conquer obstacles since birth that, statistically, many would never be able to overcome. Constantly clawing his way through life, Timothy Rhyme faced imprisonment, fought addictions, and stared death in the face. Needless to say, these trials and tribulations did not prevent him from starting his own business, graduating from college and excelling in his musical endeavors. Although his story reads like a movie script, he remains humble and driven. Timothy Rhyme was awarded as the UMA West Coast Artist Of The Year 2012, nominated California’s “Outstanding Emcee” twice, placed on URB’s Next 1000, featured on the cover of Submerge Magazine, sponsored by various companies, has been on a nationwide tour, and performed at the biggest underground hip hop music festival in the country (Paid Dues) with his team (First Dirt). Not only has he gained the respect from his peers, Timothy Rhyme has been honored to have shared the stage with the cream of the crop in this field like Kendrick Lamar, Grieves, Dom Kennedy, Mobb Deep, Macklemore, Immortal Technique, Chino XL, Dead Prez, Elzhi, Camp Lo, Locksmith, The Jacka, Andre Nickatina, Blu, The Living Legends, Canibus, Heiorglyphics and more. Timothy Rhyme is real, edgy, versatile, sharp and creative. He encompasses what the next generation of hip hop should have the privilege of witnessing. /// ///

Nas - The King of Queens Mixtape

Dj tiger releases another Classic Nas mixtape featuring his unreleased music that never made his albums and also radio freestyles dating back before the classic Album Illmatic dropped!! You can download it for FREE here:

Timothy Rhyme – F#%! You
Produced by Juzown
Directed by Leksbeat / Carlos A. Lopez

Trailer to latest release by First Dirt Artist Timothy Rhyme. Video is sponsored and featuring exclusive apparel by Acrylic and Vlado Footwear. Keep up with Timothy Rhyme @TimothyRhyme and stay tuned for the official release on

First Dirt featuring Living Legend LuckyIAm was filmed entirely at this years Paid Dues Festival. Earning an opening slot after campaigning for a whole year, First Dirt has put in its Blood, Sweat and Tears and you can see the fruits of the labor in this video.