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There are so many pressures that people of color face every day. Police brutality is something most of us expect to experience and don’t know how to avoid it because it’s instigated by the people that we are taught are here to protect us. On top of that we have peer pressure, gangs, drugs, and the basic need to survive to worry about. This song is dedicated to Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Treyvon Martin, and the countless other young men and women that have fell victim to police “wrong-doings”. Stay strong.

“I wanted to use situations that have affected my life to shed light on something that can no longer be ignored. This song is based on actual events. The events are not related, but they all did take place in the city of Pomona,CA. I was in someway connected to each of the individuals whose stories get mentioned in this song.” – 60 East

In 2013, there were 29 people murdered in the city of Pomona,CA.

This song is featured on The Freeway Series Vol.1
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Directed By Wackoe Films

Produced By: OMEGA

Written By: 60 East

Steven Sandoval
Katya Reyes
Attom Fonseca
Nathan Atilano