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I got mad love for Rev, her music and her grind, and she is a beautiful women. This beat is fucking dope! DJ Lala scratching is dope! and Revs lyrics match perfectly on the fucking dope level.. Thank me later for this one..

REVERIE é revelação do rap underground americano. Nascida e criada em Los Angeles, começou a fazer freestyle ainda no colegial. Hoje sua música é marcada pela atitude, letras contundentes, flow perfeccionista e beats pesados. Acabou conhecendo o Brasil devido a conexão musical com Haikaiss e Oriente em 2013 e agora está de volta para fazer shows em São Paulo. Para saber mais sobre ela acesse: // twitter @REVERIELOVE // instagram @REVERIELOVE //

A essência do rap nacional em uma série de vídeos quinzenais que tem como foco a valorização da música e fomento à cultura hip-hop. A cada episódio um novo lançamento, uma nova música, um novo video clipe! O projeto nasceu em 2012 e cresce à cada dia! Um vídeo dedicado aos artistas que trabalham e fortalecem a cultura de rua, buscando sempre inovar, unir criatividade e bom gosto.

Curta nossa página:

Realização: CASA1 /2016 ®Todos direitos reservados
Direção e apresentação: Léo Cunha – @leocasa1
Imagens: Léo e Márcio Conrado.
Edição: Márcio Conrado
Pós-produção: Diego Eugênio e Lucas Piotto


Our mission is to produce a one-hour talk-focused show that showcases major/indie hip hop artists and events happening in and around the greater LA hip hop scene. At least one hip hop artists (rapper, singer, DJ, producer, graffiti artists, film maker, entrepreneur, etc.) will be featured each week to discuss hip hop current events and their current projects.

The Only Hip Hop Show (TOHHS) will air weekly on Tuesday nights at 9:30pm, and will be available for replay here, on our official website. Talk will be scattered with songs and music videos to fit the weeks guest and topics, and the DJ, guest and hosts will encourage call-in questions from viewers/listeners.


The Hip-Hop Squad (Hosts)

Laron Pierce

Dhane Diesil

Sean Auguste

Raysher Fallon

Special Guest:

60 East

I see a lot of potential in Rev. She is going to go places in her career. She has done a lot and still has a lot of room to grow. The sky is the limit for this young grasshopper…

Reverie’s “Young Grasshopper” official music video
Directed/ Filmed/ Edited by Madstrange
Beat by Louden
Writers Reverie
Mix/ Master by Louden
Get Reverie Merchandise at
Download Reverie’s music for free at
Contact/ Booking :

Respect to my guy MC Prototype, I actually got to hear a sneak peak of the album. Although I would have liked to be the guy rapping on this project I got to say the shit is dope. C/O the first single..

This is the first single off of their debut project “The Rebirth of Jook the First.”

Download here:…

Video shot by Original Knockoff.


Written by: Neil Cantu & Brian Oliva
Performed by: Jook the First & Rebellion
Produced and mixed by: MC Prototype (C&M Productions)
Mix & Mastered by: Sam Knaak (Earwitness Studios)

Guitar & Bass: Bradford Isaaq Tidwell
Drums: Arian Castillo
Percussion: Andrew Kushnir
Trumpet: Mark Endab

Video Stand-ins
Drums: Bronson Maijala
Bass: Sam Knaak
Percussion: MC Prototype

If you follow my blog, you got to be familiar with this kid. Consistent on all aspects… Make sure to cop his new album #AWBW.

Phora releases a new music video performing “The One For You” from his latest album Angels With Broken Wings.

Phoras NEW ALBUM “Angels With Broken Wings” available for purchase NOW on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & MORE !

Official clothing merch and music available at :

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Directed by George Orozco
DP Justin Jones

Produced by Anthro

I found this guy on Pandora, liked one of his songs and have been keeping up with him. I guess this is his 15th album which is kinda impressive but also sad I’ve only heard 1 song. He got Primo on this joint so he must be doing something right…


yea go to for tix


Make sure to support the bro Phora! I posted his single a while back for those of you that checked it know what to expect. His album made it to top 5 on ITunes, Lets get him to #1.

C/O my boy AKRO from Overseas…

Music video by performing AKRO Never say never. (C) 2015 Electric Blue Exclusively licensed to Sony Music Entertainment Belgium NV / SA

One day I was driving down the street. I was mad at myself because I was broke and wanted some new shoes and a new car. My shoes and car were both old and beat up and I just wanted new things to show off. As I got to a red light, I looked at the corner and saw a man. He was around my age and in a wheelchair, he had no legs. As I drove off I realized that was the universe’s way of telling me that I need to be GRATEFUL for the things I do have because there are always people with less than you. Thats how this song was created…

Single off The Freeeway Series Available at:……

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Produced By: Omega
Directed By: Wackoe (