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DIY festival Event Calendar

The DIY Festival is just around the corner and Founder/Artist Noa James has a put together few events to help not only, build the anticipation of the festival, but to also bridge the gap between all artist/companies that are apart of this years festival. Here is the official event calendar with the official Do It Yourself Festival on Aug.31,2013 at The Glass House in Pomona,CA. For more info follow @BrickToYaFace or visit

Artist curtiss king departs with label Black Cloud Music

This was written on Curtiss Kings blog earlier today, for those in the Inland Empire Hip Hop Community know this is shocking and unfortunate news, but hopefully everything works out in the best interest for all parties.

“Friends and Family,
The purpose of this post is to inform the public that I have recently chose to part ways with Black Cloud Music

I am extremely grateful for the 4 years that I was allowed the opportunity to grow, express, and learn how to not only be a better artist, but also become a better man under the leadership of BCM. BCM and more specifically Santiago Garcia gave me one of my first opportunities to be apart of an independent label and be heard when I moved to the Inland Empire in 2009. It was with BCM that I was allowed to create, record, produce, video edit, and brand my music freely at a more professional level. It was with BCM that I embarked on my first tour and released my debut album.

Also aside from just music, BCM is comprised of individuals that I consider my brothers, which is why the decision to leave is one of the hardest I’ve ever had to make in my life. Please note that this decision is not built around negativity or animosity towards anyone, but one made after long deliberation and with a clear mind focused solely as a decision about business. I love every single one of those brothas.

I am certain this news come as a surprise to many that have been so supportive, and I’ll discuss the matter and answer some of your questions in some further detail soon in a more proper setting. Thank you to Jynxx, Yasin Dino, Noa James, Art Barz,Faimkills, David May, and PhantomThrett for such a beautifully productive, supportive, fun and life changing 4 years. I wish you gentlemen nothing but the best I am but a phone call away for anything. Thank you to each of you that have supported me during my tenure with BCM, I hope to have your continued support as I embark on my own new journey.”