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My brother Roqy Tyraid just dropped his first official album on SoulSpazm Records. Be sure to go support this man


It’s time. New RoQy TyRaiD track. As the climate of hip hop shifts more towards lyricism, a readjustment of the crown is in order. Consider this one hell of an appetizer. If you love dope production (Jimmy Flight) and incredibly dope lyrics + creative execution (RoQy TyRaiD) , you’ll already be midway through commenting before the damn track is finished.

Ladies and Gentlemen.. “The Culture Is Back”

Roqy Tyraid (@RoqyTyraid) - Elysium

Check out this new banger from my brotha Roqy Tyraid, who recently was place on’s Top 50 Underground Artist of 2013.

Fresh off of the release of his Wake Up Show Unplugged Video w/ Sway ,Tech, & Revolution, RoQ’y TyRaiD is here to kick off the year with an ode to the spirit of competition, “Elysium”, which hook also pays homage to the legends of yesteryear. The beginning of the song acknowledges a change in the climate of hip-hop, as people once again celebrate artistic excellence. This s— is “Russel Crowe meets Hustle & Flo” , “dope beats & dope rhymes” as the old L.B. mantra went!!! Gladiator rap. Produced by the talented M Slago . Artwork by Scott David. SINGLE IS OFF UPCOMING ALBUM — THE DICHOTOMY OF RoQ’y TyRaiD — enjoy..

Check out my family Roqy Tyraid who was recently invited to spit on Sway and Techs Wake Up Show Unplugged along with Crooked I, Bishop Lamont, and many more. For those that dont know Roqy Tyraid is originally from CA currently residing in AZ, and is 1 of my childhood friends. He was also actully a label mate of mine on my brother DJ Metric’s label “Tak-Ovr Ent”. Not just cuz we grew up together but I honestly believe this dude is 1 of the best lyricist out now and ever. If you have never heard his music, wake yo ass up and google him, he is deff on the come up!

On Saturday sept 21st, Sway and King Tech invited a few of their musician friends, some new talented M.Cs, along with a few vets to rock the mics of the Wake Up Show..
The result was Wake UP Show Un-Plugged. The Musicians had never met , rehearsed or practice together. Everything was done On The Fly.
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Roqy Tyraid (@RoqyTyraid) - Mad (Prod.Fons Infinite)

This is about turning social network-based political commentary into action. You don’t have to get in the middle of a damn crowd and hold a picket sign, no disrespect.. but you don’t have to wear a hoodie. All you have to do is be aware and remove political complacency from your life. Sometimes it takes a ballot; sometimes it takes a donation or two, whether it be money or time, sometimes it DOES take sparking conversation with peers and those within political bodies…. but you have to get motivated to do SOMETHING.. literally ANYTHING, at this point. Life is bigger than Love & Hip-Hop or which rapper is calling out the next.. those things are entertaining but when it’s all said and done.. you have yourself, your family, and your own freedom. Aren’t you tired of things such as the Syria lies?? You are..?? GET MAD!!! We CAN be a responsible society, youth ! 😀

released 10 September 2013
Lyrics and Performance – RoQ’y TyRaiD
Production – Fons Infinite
Artwork – Scott David
Mixing – DJ FlipFlop

For those unfamiliar with Roqy Tyraid now is your chance to see what you have been missing! Not only is he a childhood friend of First Dirt artist 60 East,but he has come a long way from touring around the country, to being an official SXSW 2012 Performer, to Making’s Top 50 Underground Artist of 2012, alongside artist like Brother Ali, Danny Brown, Jon Connor, Soul Khan and many more, Roqy is definitely someone to keep your eye on. Known for his creative concepts and beyond lyrical content you want to go checkout his entire catalogue here or follow him on Twitter at @RoqyTyraid