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Make sure to support the bro Phora! I posted his single a while back for those of you that checked it know what to expect. His album made it to top 5 on ITunes, Lets get him to #1.

As you may all know or if you may not know, Sly Boogy is locked up and still trying to fight his case that occurred in August 2011.  He lost jury trial and has yet to be sentenced.  He was out on bond for 2 years on home detention with little activity allowed.  Once he lost his jury trial Sly Boogy was taken into custody and his bond was increased to $250,000. He still has a chance to get out and fight his case. I would appreciate and I know he would appreciate support from family, friends, and fans.  He has missed out on 15 months of his son’s life already and his son needs him more than anything right now.  It breaks my heart so much to see the hurt in both of their eyes and the confusion on my sons face when he see’s his daddy behind glass. Not being able to financially support him and help him out as much as I would like has put an extreme amount of stress on me as well. This whole situation has put us in financial hardship due to attorney cost and travel expenses back and forth to court. I have depleted all resources and I am asking for your help.  I want to thank you in advance to those who take the time to read this and also to those who donate to help FREE SLY BOOGY so that he can return home to his family, his friends, and his fans! He has worked on a lot of tracks while being on home detention and I want you all to be able to here his next album that he will be able to put out with all of your help.   Much Love, Mrs. Boogz Feel free to email me at or you can email me also on Sly’s email at

Timothy Rhyme @TimothyRhyme x Nay The Producer @NayTheProducer - #COTC Campaign

We are raising funds to release our new project titled “Comeback Of The Century”. For more info keep reading & go to

Timothy Rhyme nearly lost his life on July 18, 2011. He bled out internally and almost met the man upstairs. Since that traumatic day, he has bounced back like James Blake. Shortly after his recovery, he moved to LA to be closer to his daughter, got into CSUN, has made some significant strides in his music career, and kept his focus on helping people.

Nay The Producer was diagnosed with Lupus August 2012. She spent the entire month of October 2012 in the hospital. This flare up was so severe it caused fluid in her lungs, fluid around her heart and two blood transfusions. To go from a self reliant, hard working woman, to needing the assistance of a walker and cane to do menial things has put her in a hard spot. Regardless, she keeps fighting and hasn’t let this unrelenting disease stop her from moving forward.

Both have seen their lives be flipped upside down and completely altered forever. This campaign is an attempt to raise funds to put together an amazing album but it subconsciously is touching the warrior spirit that we all have. Some people would have let their circumstances get the best of them but Timothy Rhyme and Nay The Producer would not let defeat be a word that described them in this story.

This campaign is important for several reasons. Not only will it allow Tim and Nay to tell their story. But it will allow them to inspire others and show other people in similar predicaments that there is some hope and that they aren’t alone. Music is one of the most powerful tools in lifting a persons spirit and this is one of the main objectives of this album. In a world where most of the messages in music are about “cool” stuff and a glamorous life, Tim and Nay attempt to show that you can still make good music with a good message.

If you have ever faced a challenging time in your life and just wished you had that little nudge to get you to the next step, this is your chance to be that to someone else. This is your chance to be apart of the Comeback Of The Century!

What Your Generosity Will Fund
Through experience, Tim and Nay have figured out how to release a successful album. They each have years and years of experience in this industry and have seen the formula first hand. The main components are:

Mixing / Mastering
Album Cover Design
Music Video