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This dude never fails to amaze me, especially for his age. I can definitely hear the JCole Crooked Smile/Love Yourz influence on this track. This kid is a visionary. Be sure to cop that album #AWBW coming out soon! -60

In this modern day and age, social media creates an image and common misconception that the word “beautiful” is determined by popularity, appearance, likes, looks, and status. Phora covers this topic and let’s the world know that it isn’t what’s on the outside that makes a person beautiful, but whats most important are traits such as personality, intelligence, and self-confidence. Those traits on the INSIDE are what matter most. Everything else is temporary, the beauty on the INSIDE is what truly lasts forever.

Phoras new album Angels With Broken Wings available 10.11.15 on iTunes !

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Directed by George Orozco
DP Justin Jones

Produced by Eskupe & Anthro