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After discovering each other on Pandora, West Coast Artist 60 East and East Coast Producer Confidence collaborated on this song.The song would later become the Bonus Song off 60 East’s 10,000 Hours Project and the first video released to promote the project.

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Following similar pathways of artists like J. Cole and Macklemore, while maintaining their own flavor, Timothy Rhyme and Nay The Producer have created an inspirational music video for the new single Immortal featuring Jeff K. This motivational track and imagery break away from the stereotypical exploit of women and drugs. This powerful duo have built a solid reputation amongst their growing fan base and are fulfilling their wants and needs to be inspired and motivated to live better. That’s EXACTLY what you get from this video.

This well thought out, strategically pieced together, and nicely crafted video was shot by Los Angeles’ own music video guru, Wackoe. The song is brought to life by following local MMA fighter Justin Governale as he trains at Subfighter MMA in Orange County. This video lets the audience tie fighting strategies in the ring to the everyday battles that most of us go through. Justin shadowboxes his fears with each punch, kick, and calculated move. He spars with his addictions, sweats out the negativity that tries to keep him from growing, and strives daily to evolve into the best human being he can be.

In the real world, not everyone is able to defeat the struggles that keep them down. Immortal is dedicated to those who’ve lost or are still fighting their battle with a disease, themselves, or the system. This song was created to pay homage to our loved ones that fought with all they have to overcome. We are obligated to keep their memory alive so that they can live forever and be part of the fuel that gets us through the next round. Immortal.

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Taken from the EP “ink in my eyes” by Ariano & Jade River available NOW on Just-Us Label. Directed by Wackoe

Actress: Nancy Degnan

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