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Neon Black Model Search

Send in Your Submission For Neon Black Clothing & @howiewoodent Model Of The Month Model Search! So many awesome Submission thus far! Go to and Submit!

Unique & Uncontemporary (@UxUDMV)

We are UxU!
Our story began in 2009 with two graffiti artists dreaming of the opportunity to expand their art past street walls. They wanted an outlet to help express their individuality. The best way to accomplish this was by creating a street-wear clothing line. Since then, UxU has branched off into other sub-projects within its initial plan. We see ourselves as artists. All of our projects scream the motto: Be Yourself, Be Different. Our designs are from all kinds of inspiration in an effort to set ourselves apart from the crowd.
We are more than a brand…We are a movement. UxU promotes authentic ideas and leader potential in a world full of followers. We strongly encourage thinking for yourself and simply doing YOU from beginning to end. There are those in this creative world that are afraid to show who they really are and worry that they may not be accepted in the mainstream. We are not of that group. We knock the haters and set trends, not follow them. We are our own craze and we set our own standards. We color outside the lines of life. Through our apparel, we show love and respect to the arts and connect with other artists pursuing the same endeavors. UxU strives to cater to what fans want and envision in order to strengthen our movement. We are Unique in being ourselves and Uncontemporary by learning from those who came before us.
With that being said, enjoy the site and never be afraid to email us and tell us what you’d like to see. Fan mail lets us know that we are doing a great job and that you guys are happy. Also, check out our team members’ blog’s to see the different projects we’re working on together and individually. Don’t forget to view the photo shoots featuring our apparel and the online store to get your own UxU gear!

Be your own person. Create your own style. Be different.
Be UxU.

Social Links are all under @UxUDMV this is for Facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube.
CEO Unique And Uncontemporary LLC and Raza-Ry Photography

TrapAlone Clothing Company (@Trapalone)

Trapalone Company is a recent startup manufacture of an upscale but underground clothing line targeted at males and females ages 17-40. Trapalone Company not only develops the clothing line, but supports it with advertising and promotional campaigns. The Company plans to strengthen its partnership with retailers by developing brand awareness. Trapalone Company intends to market its lines and differentiate itself by marketing strategies,exclusiveness,and high brand awareness for upscale and streetlife alike. The key message associated with the Trapalone line is classy but gritty, upscale but urban, dapper but versatile clothing. In the future the company hopes to grow and develop lines in all aspects of fashion.

Website will be available soon!

Dope Plug Streetwear (@DopePlug)

DopePlug is a StreetWear brand that originated in LA. A way to describe a DopePlug is a cool connection. We design our clothes to inspire people to work hard at whatever you do and never give up. We recently released our fall collection last October, which is still available at, and have huge things to come spring 2014. Follow us on twitter and instagram @DopePlug and support the movement

YMOT APPAREL (@Nakita_Bowen)

Welcome to the Fam Ymot Apparel, really looking forward to building with these guys!

YMOT APPAREL was established in August 2011 by Nakita Bowen, 18 at the time she had a true passion for art and fashion. With no experience or schooling she decided to create her own clothing brand.

Nakita is originally from Holland. She moved to England at age 13 to learn English. She graduated from high school at 16 and again at 17 when she moved to NY.
The year he turned 18 was a bittersweet year.

She lost her parents earlier that year . The loss of her parents became an eye opener to how short life can be. She did not want to fall into any negativity, she wanted to be a role, she wanted too inspire others to go after dreams.

YMOT stand for Young Minds Of Today. She is a strong believer in never waiting for tomorrow. She hand drew her logo. The logo is of a cat with a SnapBack that says luck-e # 10. She was always told cats have ten lives so she gave the cat another chance as she felt her clothing brand was another chance for her to do great things.

YMOT up until this year has been a custom brand. She likes to engage in custom projects so the customer will feel more connected to the apparel. This fall she very proudly launched her first line.

Endless Ambition (@EA_StreetWear)

Make sure to keep an eye on our fam!

Endless Ambition celebrates the “All Mighty Grind” The “Hustlers” in every since of the word. For those who have seen the sun rise and set, and work hard every day and night to get where they want to be in life. On that road to success you got to DREAM BIG AND ACHIVE

Ig) @endlessambition_streetwear
Twitter) @EA_StreetWear

Against All Odds @Cashxout7

Against All Odds Co. Online Flagship Retailer. We are based out of Colorado Springs, CO and were supporting all upcoming premium brands from the Westcoast to the Eastcoast such as Dfynt Clothing,Mister,BoyZ Nyc and Waimea just to name a few. An placing them smack dab in the center of the Mid-west. To build a more stylish and fashion fast region too were everybody can enjoy the comfort of there city or town and travel less for the latest trends, but still be able to get FRESH. Our mission is too have flagship stores distrbuted coast to coast and Worldwide. Bringing the attention too the youth that no matter the odds you can chase and achieve your dreams that whatever it is go for it!! We want everyone leaving our establishments with the saying “Forget the odds nothing is impossible”…

Facebook. Jay Snead

Envent Clothing (Streetwear Brand) C/O @jaimenvent

Originating in 2010, Envent Clothing has had 3 official releases each embodying the original aim of edge and simplicity. My designs and clothing are reflected upon my life, my passion for quality apparel, as well as the way I grew up, and the goal to succeed in this ever so growing business. We are stocked by select boutique retailers throughout the country, distributed internationally, and have received exposure from some of the most influential street-wear blogs online. Envent is a movement, A team of true individuals who share the same passion, and drive; those willing to make the sacrifices needed to rise to the top. We don’t settle for mediocrity when we know what we’re capable of. Keep pushing the envelope, and know you were put on this earth with the opportunity to do anything you set your mind to. Be thankful and take advantage. That’s the Envent life

Check this new streetwear line from San Francisco, CA. They got some dope stuff. The meaning behind their logo is deep. Born royalty & forever fly on thr street level. Please check them out.

“the sky is not the limit” -HBC





Kanati Clothing Company...

Kanati Clothing Company is a growing Aboriginal influenced luxury streetwear brand and manufacturer based in Toronto, Ontario. The brand has been acclaimed internationally for its unique designs and original concept. Kanati Co. has carved out its market in a relatively short amount of time and currently has a presence in over 13 countries. The compnay specializes in High quality materials, Cut & Sew, Being Unique, and is currently very popular with celebrities. For more information go to

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